Dota 2 Patch 7.22: Valve drops a hint about the release date

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  The TI9 Battle Pass is out and when it was released, everyone was so hyped to buy it and check it out, that a lot of people from the Dota 2 community missed a part of the announcement made by Valve. On the Dota 2 blog, all the paragraphs except the last one were related to the Battle Pass. The last one spoke about the new patch! The exact words were:

  So going by what has been mentioned here, the patch should arrive a day after the qualifiers for the StarLadder Ukraine Minor end. Let’s do some detective work here. The Minor qualifiers (whose dates haven’t been revealed yet) start about two days after the Major qualifiers end and they are wrapped up in four to five days. The qualifiers for the last Major, the EPICENTER Major, end on the 19th of May. Give a week for the Minor qualifiers to end, which brings us to May 26th (which is the latest the day the Minor qualifiers could end). So the new patch will be released somewhere from the 25th to the 27th of May, depending on the end date of the Minor qualifiers. The 27th of May is a Monday, which makes it a good candidate for the patch release!

  Now, they haven’t expressly said that it will be patch 7.22; it could be patch 7.21e as well (that would be cruel). But given the fact that patch 7.21 was released in January and that it has been nearly four months, it is a good guess that the new patch will be 7.22.

  The TI9 Battle Pass, a Major followed by some good qualifiers and a new patch on the horizon! The near future seems to be filled with a lot of good stuff for the Dota 2 community.